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Our Ethics


  • Charm Factory’s shiny creations hail from dusty Southwest USA. Next to the Rio Grande and Route 66 is our city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. 
  • We take pride in the fact that the majority of what we offer at Charm Factory is produced right here. Beyond purchasing some supplies, findings, and specific services, we don’t outsource our work.  
  • What we do in Charm Factory’s on-site warehouse includes:
    • Item master and mold creation
    • All processes for scalable lost-wax casting
    • Custom item assembly
    • Jewelry finishing and polishing
    • Engraving 
  • We want to keep our production process close to home to ensure that safety, sustainability, and quality are held to our standards.


  • We partner with other ethical American businesses for sourcing outside services and materials wherever possible.
  • When it comes to recycling our precious metals, we do so with care. Whatever we don’t use the first time around, we employ specialized equipment to re-grain and reuse materials again and again.
  • Charm Factory strives to use sustainable supplies around our workplace while constantly working towards increasing our recycling efforts.


  • By keeping our manufacturing in-house, Charm Factory can better guarantee ethical production processes.
  • Our projects are not outsourced to overseas companies where we cannot ensure ethical employment practices.
  • We partner with a plating team and a machinist for a number of our products, both located in ABQ. As a small New Mexican company, we know the value of shopping locally.
  • Our employees are encouraged to take care of themselves to bring their best efforts to work. It’s the first step in our process to guarantee top-quality products and services for you.