Our Casting Services

Custom Mold Development

Here’s where vision meets reality!

Bring your ideas to life with a custom mold created from a master item. Our services will allow you to reproduce your designs easily and efficiently.

We make molds from your existing masters from high-grade silicone.

Our mold design process ensures that the details of your design are accurately replicated.

You call the shots. Your molds are your designs, and that makes them your property. You may always request to take your molds and keep them.

If you participate in collaborative casting, you may choose to keep your molds on file with us to use when you place a casting order. Read on to find out how to collab.

Got a new design just waiting to be modeled?

Stay tuned!

Our design consultation services will be available soon.

Each new mold costs $40.00.

Collaborative Casting

It’s about quality and quantity! 

We partner with artists and jewelry studios of all kinds to cast their items. 

Using high-grade silicone molds and lost wax investment casting, we can produce your stellar design in a staggering amount. 

Curious about pricing? Visit our custom cast calculator to get an estimate!

Pricing based on design complexity, casting metal, and product weights.


You can take the matter into your own hands. Once we cast your items for you, you may receive them unfinished or ready to be worn. 

Finished products are clipped from their investment trees, hand-ground, and polished to perfection with our proprietary polishing methods. (Say that 5 times fast.) They are ready to be worn as soon as you receive them. 

Unfinished products are simply clipped and shipped to you, ready for your own finishing touch.

Pricing is based on drilling complexity, polishing preferences, and supply costs.


Create affordable products in multiple finishes by having your cast items plated.

We partner with a high-quality plating team to offer:

  • Bronze plated with 
    • 14k to 24k Gold
    • Rose Gold
    • Sterling silver 
    • Rhodium
  • Gold vermeil over sterling silver

Pricing is based on casting metal and plating metal markets.


The customer has bespoken! We know you want your pieces to be one-of-a-kind. 

Personalize your designs with custom engraving. Choose between diamond drag and fiber laser styles, and engrave a logo, artist’s mark, or custom message on your cast items. 

Looking for a sure-fire way to brand your jewelry designs? Consider our custom jewelry tags!

Pricing is based on casting metal and plating metal markets.

Our Jewelry Wholesale Programs

Did you know there’s a way to purchase existing Charm Factory products?

Glad we’ve piqued your interest! 

We offer quantity-based wholesale tiers for loose charms, findings, and custom tabletop kiosks for any suave souvenir supplier seeking curios for a shop or business.