How to order your tags

1. Select the tag material you’d like to order:

  1. Sterling silver
  2. Silver-plated over brass
  3. Gold-plated over brass
  4. Brass
  5. Stainless steel

2. Select the tag style you’d like to have engraved. 

  1. Make sure to confirm you have selected the size you want! 
  2. The measurements of the tag are visible when you hover over the style. 

3. Select the engraving type for the front of the tag

  1. Text
  2. Logo / Artwork

4. Select your preferred engraving style. 

  1. Laser
  2. Diamond Drag 

5. If you selected a text engraving:

  1. Select the font you want to use.
      1. Click on the Preview button to view all available fonts. 
      2. Click on the dropdown menu if you know which font you want to use. 
    1. Select the number of rows of text you would like on the tags
      1. Some tag styles are very small! For the most legible results, we recommend you use these guidelines for each tag style:
CF100 – Heart Shape1-2 lines of text
CF101 – 8.8mm by 13mm Oval1-3 lines of text
CF102 – 5.5mm by 11mm Oval1-2 lines of text
CF103 – 4.5mm by 9mm Oval1-2 lines of text
CF106 – 6.7mm by 13.7mm Rectangle1-3 lines of text
CF107 – 10mm by 10mm Circle1-3 lines of text

6. If you selected a logo/artwork engraving:

  1. Please read the FAQ if you are a new customer, or want to know what kinds of logos we can engrave!
  2. Select Choose File, and upload your artwork. 
    1. The uploader accepts the most popular file types, including all image formats, Adobe art files, Corel files (CDR), .EPS, and.PLT formats. 
    2. Images of your logo that are clear and computer-generated are required. 
    3. Please select the “New Design Set-Up” checkbox to add the artwork file setup fee if this is your first time providing this design to our engraving team.

7. If you would like to engrave the second side of your tags, select the “Back” tab and fill out the form using Steps 1-6 again. 

8. Input your desired quantity for tags, and select “Add to Cart”.