How tags are made

What are Jewelry Tags?

Charm Factory offers customizable high-quality jewelry tags in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes. Jewelers, beaders, and creators often use tags to brand their designs with their logo or business name and make their creations identifiable forever. 

We offer jewelry tags in 8 different styles, all with different shapes and sizes. These tag styles are currently available in several finishes:

  • Sterling silver
  • Silver-plated over brass
  • Gold-plated over brass
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel

Charm Factory engravings are rendered by high-precision machines and involve our experienced artisan engraver skillfully guiding the process and inspecting the results. Each batch of tags may have slight variations because of this handcrafting process of human and machine work done in tandem. 

While we cannot guarantee absolute perfection (and we don’t want to), we strive to bring you a beautiful result made with care.

Sourcing Tag Materials 

Our tags are ethically machine-stamped, plated, and engraved locally in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We take pride in the quality of every batch we make for our customers. We guarantee that your tags will arrive ready to attach to your pieces!

Engraving Styles

Charm Factory offers two engraving styles from two different types of machines.

Diamond Drag

The diamond drag machine creates a surface etching using a diamond tip.

The tip scratches the tag surface and removes layers of the metal to create an indented design, visible due to the difference in reflection of the surface.

Etched diamond drag engraving is a traditional and sophisticated style of engraving.

We recommend it for highly feminine or traditional jewelry styles.


Using a fiber laser, the laser engraving machine etches and darkens the provided artwork onto the tag, using powerful photons to burn the image onto the metal surface.

This engraving type causes oxidation on the metal, which creates a blackened, filled-in design.

We recommend the laser engraving style for masculine,  modern, or contemporary jewelry styles.


Want to see how these two engraving styles stack up? Check out these results to find the best look for your brand: